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          Sodium citrate

          產品/服務: 銻酸鈉  
          單 價: 面議  詢價
          發貨期限: 自買家付款之日起 3 天內發貨
          有效期至: 長期有效
          最后更新: 2019-08-04
          瀏覽次數: 735
          Sodium citrate銻酸鈉  
          4.1. Appearance trait: molecular formula NaSb(HO)6, NaSbO3.3H2O, white or yellowish powdery solid. Aliase: sodium pyroantimonate.
          4.2. Product use: It is mainly used for flame retardant of plastic products and epoxy resin sealing materials. It is used for polyester polymerization catalysts and glass clarifiers, opaque fillers for cast iron paints, iron and steel varnish resistant components, acid-resistant bismuth glass components, textile flame retardants, enamel opaque agents, etc.
          4.3. Production of main raw materials: a. Suitable raw materials such as antimony trioxide and hydrochloric acid (HCl). b. Suitable raw materials such as metal ruthenium and sodium nitrate.
          4.4, the main process of production: a. compound "purification" refined "filtration" separation "washing" neutralization and separation "washing" dry "smash" screening" packaging. b. Roasting "Chemical" washing" filtration" separation "dry" crushing" packaging. Other processes are slightly.
          4.5, the main equipment for production: compounder, purifier, refiner, filter, separator, scrubber, fluid state dryer, pulverizer, high-efficiency cyclone, circulation tank, etc.
          4.6, product quality: Sb (Sb2O5) content% ≥ 60.
          4.7.  select ion of production equipment: common type, first type, high type.
          4.8. Environmental protection: According to the configuration of process equipment, wastewater and waste gas can be treated.
          4.9. Investment situation: According to the advanced level of the product output, raw material content and other components and equipment.
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